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Join the Ed Tech Collaborative Movement

The unprecedented acceleration of change in our times impacts industry, government, and even the way we interact with one another. Now more than ever, the primary aim of our educational efforts must focus on critical thinking skills that drive progress and support a just and democratic society.

Everybody deserves a chance to develop the skills that enable them to consume information, think about it critically, and express their point of view effectively and civilly. Imagine the human potential such a civil society would enable.

Since our earliest development, we have engaged students, teachers, and school leaders in our design and development process and are doubling down on our radical commitment to rapid iteration/innovation in service of educators and learners. Today, we invite you to work side by side with some of the greatest entrepreneurs and inventors of our time to help scale that impact.

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To achieve the next level of progress in the US education system together, we are bringing together a group of top leaders in a variety of fields to tackle the question, “How can we ensure that ALL students can rise to the challenge of today’s sophisticated literacy demands in college, career, and civic life?"

The group’s composition is designed to be representative of the diverse range of educational contexts in the US as well as some of the most innovative leaders in Silicon Valley.

In the continued spirit of the Education Technology Collaborative, we will share the learnings of this collaboration with education leaders throughout the US.

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